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Total Public Float Shares (City)

Source: EDGAR Online, RR Donnelley Financial, Inc.
Topic: EconomySubtopic: Business Firm FinancialsCategory: Stocks
Product: Business StatsDate Updated: September 2015Update Tips
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    * Data is calculated based on individual company filings to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Filings are publicly available and are not representative of all U.S. companies. Use with caution.

    Years Available: 2007–2014

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    General Notes: Data represents the aggregated total of the number of shares of primary class common stock that are freely traded. This value is calculated once per year using data from the entity’s latest proxy statement and is defined as shares outstanding less shares held by insiders and other significant shareholders. Geography and date are based on the company mailing address and filing date to the SEC. Companies that did not have any available data were not included in the final calculation.


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