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Income Inequality (Five Year Average) (State)

Source: American Community Survey (ACS), U.S. Census Bureau (Department of Commerce)
Topic: EconomySubtopic: Personal FinanceCategory: Other Income
Product: State StatsDate Updated: March 2020Update Tips
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    Years Available: 2006-2010, 2007-2011, 2008-2012, 2009-2013, 2010-2014, 2011-2015, 2012-2016, 2013-2017, 2014-2018

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    General Notes: Data is represents the Gini index or ratio or coefficient. The Gini Index is a calculated measure of income inequality within a geography - a 1 indicates perfect inequality, a 0 indicates perfect equality. A # symbol indicates a that the data is not available due to a small sampling size. A - indicates that the data could not be calculated or displayed due to little to no samples and ! signifies that the data fell within the low or high end of the distribution. Data are based on a sample and are subject to sampling variability. In addition to sampling variability, the ACS estimates are subject to nonsampling error.


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