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Ratio of Small Business Loans to Total Business Loans (City)

Source: Small Business Lending in the United States, U.S. Small Business Administration
Topic: EconomySubtopic: Business Firm FinancialsCategory: Loans
Product: Business StatsDate Updated: September 2017Update Tips
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    Years Available: 2011–2013, 2015

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    General Notes: Ratio seen in this table is the averaged ratios of all lending institutions located in the city identified by the SBA. The ratio of small, micro, or macro business loans to total business loans or, in other words, the total business loans held by the lender (total business loan ratio or TBL ratio).
    The report is based on data that banks provide to their regulating agencies through Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income (Call Reports) and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) reports. Loan definitions are based on the size of the loan, not the size of the borrower: Small business loan = $1 million or less; Micro business loan = under $100,000; Macro business loan = between $100,000 and $1 million; Large business loan = more than $1 million. This report’s definition of “micro business loan” differs from other SBA programs and other industry uses of the term.


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