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Percent of Adults Who Are Heavy Drinkers (County)

Source: CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Department of Health and Human Services)
Topic: HealthSubtopic: Behavioral HealthCategory: Alcohol Use
Product: Local StatsDate Updated: August 2016Update Tips
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    * Updates for this data series are not available as of 2013. The CDC BRFSS program has discontinued these SMART county-level statistics, but is working on a separate project called Small-Area Estimates (SAE) to produce and release county-level public health data on a number of indicators; however, it is still being developed and the release date is uncertain. Once SAE is available, the data will not be comparable to SMART county-level data because both projects are based on different statistical models.

    Years Available: 2002–2012

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    General Notes: A "-" note symbol indicates that the estimate is not available because the unweighted sample size for the denominator was < 50 or the Relative Standard Error (RSE) is > 0.3 or if the state did not collect data for that calendar year. "Heavy Drinkers" are described as adult men having more than two drinks per day and adult women having more than one drink per day.


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