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Percent of Adults Who Are Underweight (County)

Source: CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Department of Health and Human Services)
Topic: HealthSubtopic: Diseases & ConditionsCategory: Obesity
Product: Local StatsDate Updated: August 2016Update Tips
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    * Updates for this data series are not available as of 2013. The CDC BRFSS program has discontinued these SMART county-level statistics, but is working on a separate project called Small-Area Estimates (SAE) to produce and release county-level public health data on a number of indicators; however, it is still being developed and the release date is uncertain. Once SAE is available, the data will not be comparable to SMART county-level data because both projects are based on different statistical models.

    Years Available: 2011–2012

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    General Notes: A "-" note symbol indicates that the estimate is not available because the unweighted sample size for the denominator was < 50 or the Relative Standard Error (RSE) is > 0.3 or if the state did not collect data for that calendar year. "Underweight" is descibred as a BMI between 12.0-18.4.


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