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Percent of Children Adopted by a Foster Parent (State)

Source: Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), Children's Bureau (Department of Health and Human Services)
Topic: Households and HousingSubtopic: HouseholdsCategory: Household Demographics
Product: State StatsDate Updated: March 2019Update Tips
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    * This data is based on a fiscal year period (FY) that runs from August through September of the following year. It does not represent data based on a calendar year (CY), January to December.

    Years Available: 2000–2016

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    General Notes: Any prior relationship of the adoptive parent(s) to the child is categorized into one of the following: foster parent, relative, non-relative, and stepparent. Foster parents who were also relatives of the child are only classified as relatives, not as foster parents.


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