Latino Inmates Executed (Cumulative Since 1977) (County)

Source: Searchable Execution Database, Death Penalty Information Center
Topic: Crime and Law EnforcementCategory: CorrectionsSubcategory: Inmate Sentences
Product: Local StatsDate Updated: January 2017Update Tips
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Data Series:

    * Numbers derived from continuous listing maintained by the Death Penalty Information Center, used with permission of the Center. Visit their website for individual-level information about the prisoners executed.

    Years Available: 1977-1985, 1977-1986, 1977-1987, 1977-1988, 1977-1989, 1977-1990, 1977-1991, 1977-1992, 1977-1993, 1977-1994, 1977-1995, 1977-1996, 1977-1997, 1977-1998, 1977-1999, 1977-2000, 1977-2001, 1977-2002, 1977-2003, 1977-2004, 1977-2005, 1977-2006, 1977-2007, 1977-2008, 1977-2009, 1977-2010, 1977-2011, 1977-2012, 1977-2013, 1977-2014, 1977-2015, 1977-2016

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    General Notes: *Median value shows the 50th percentile of counties with executions since 1977 according to the Death Penalty Information Center. Counties that have not had convictions leading to executions as of the year of data in question are not included in the calculation of the median.