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Weighted Average 24-hour Airborne Fine Particule (PM2.5) Measurement (County)

Source: EPA AirData Air Quality Statistics Report, Environmental Protection Agency
Topic: Energy and EnvironmentSubtopic: Pollution and Environment Category: Air Quality Measurements
Product: Local StatsDate Updated: June 2020Update Tips
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    * Although preliminary annual statistics are continually released, SAGE Stats only provides final statistics, which are released in May of the following year. Report includes exceptional events; these events (such as wildfires) are not "reasonably controllable" and are hence excluded from assessments relating to air quality regulation, but they nevertheless affect air quality.

    Years Available: 2000–2019

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    General Notes: *Median value shows the 50th percentile of counties reporting data to the AQSData Mart; it is not reflective of the entire country. **PM2.5 - Particulate Matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers. Daily average concentrations measured by monitoring equipment and reported to AQS. Arithmetic mean of 24-hour values, in micrograms per cubic meter. (Concentrations are rounded to the nearest 0.1 microgram for comparison with the 24-hour standard).


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