FEMA Public Assistance Grant Dollars for Hurricanes (County)

Source: FEMA Public Assistance Funded Projects Summary, Federal Emergency Management Agency (Department of Homeland Security)
Topic: GeographyCategory: WeatherSubcategory: Severe Weather
Product: Local StatsDate Updated: March 2018Update Tips
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    * Data is only updated if there is available data for that year. For instance, there were no public assistance grant dollars allocated for hurricanes in 2014 or 2015. A higher national median indicates a high concentration of projects in certain areas; a lower national median indicates a wider dispersal of projects across more geographic areas.

    Years Available: 1999, 2002–2005, 2007–2013, 2016–2017

    Permanent Link: http://data.sagepub.com/sagestats/4081

    General Notes: *Median value gives the value for the "average" county for this metric, the 50th percentile of all counties reporting data. **Values are sums based on filings made to FEMA, visit the "Original link" listed below. for individual data.

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    FEMA Public Assistance Grant Dollars for Hurricanes (County) (2017)

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