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Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Filings, Business (County)

Source: Bankruptcy Statistics, Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
Topic: EconomySubtopic: Business Firm FinancialsCategory: Business Bankruptcy
Product: Business Stats, Local StatsDate Updated: February 2018Update Tips
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    * Updates for this data series are no longer available because Chapter 12 bankruptcy business filings are now aggregated with Chapter 9 and 12 bankruptcy filings. In 2005, Congress passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA), which adjusted the requirements for filing for bankruptcy with the intention of reducing the number of bankruptcy cases. Before the new requirements took effect, a large number of bankruptcy cases were opened in 2005. Subsequent years did see a decrease in bankruptcy cases compared to 2005.

    Years Available: 2005–2017

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    General Notes: *Median value gives the value for the "average" county for this metric, the 50th percentile of all counties reporting data. Some reporting counties were excluded due to complications involving changing geographic boundaries. **Chapter 12 is the chapter of the Bankruptcy Code providing for adjustment of debts of a "family farmer, " or a "family fisherman" as those terms are defined in the Bankruptcy Code. A bankruptcy filing is defined as "business" if debtor is a corporation or partnership, or if an individual's debt is predominantly for business purposes.


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