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Fresh Water Consumption by the Commercial Sector (County)

Source: USGS Estimated Use of Water in the United States, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Topic: Energy and EnvironmentSubtopic: Water UseCategory: Commercial Use
Product: Local StatsDate Updated: June 2014Update Tips
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Data Series:

    * Updates for this data series are no longer available from the U.S. Geological Survey.

    Years Available: 1995

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    General Notes: *Median value gives the value for the "average" county for this metric, the 50th percentile of all counties reporting data. **Water for motels, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, other commercial facilities, military and nonmilitary institutions, and (for 1990 and 1995) offstream fish hatcheries. Water may be obtained from a public-supply system or may be self-supplied. Commercial water-use estimates were included in industrial water use until 1985, then were reported as a separate category. Commercial water use estimates were last reported nationally for 1995. 1985: Self-supplied commercial water use first reported as separate category from industrial 1990-1995: Commercial category includes offstream fish hatchery water use for some States 2000-later: Commercial category not estimated nationally: offstream fish hatchery water use is reported in the Aquaculture categoryWater that contains less than 1,000 milligrams per liter (mg/L) of dissolved solids. Generally, water with more than 500 mg/L of dissolved solids is undesirable for drinking and many industrial uses. The part of water withdrawn that is evaporated, transpired, incorporated into products or crops, consumed by humans or livestock, or otherwise not available for immediate use. Water returned to a different watershed than the point of withdrawal (interbasin transfer) is not considered a consumptive use. Also referred to as water consumed. 1960-1995: Consumptive use reported by water-use category 2000-later: Consumptive use not estimated nationally


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