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Total Area in Square Miles (Metro)

Source: U.S. Census of Population and Housing (2010 and prior), U.S. Census Bureau (Department of Commerce)
Topic: GeographySubtopic: Geographic InformationCategory: Land & Water Area
Product: Local StatsDate Updated: June 2014Update Tips
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    * 2013 data comes from the 2010 census, mapped to the 2013 Metro Area definitions. In many cases, the values will be the same for 2010 and "2013" as the boundaries did not change for those Metro Areas; other Metro Areas will only have values in 2010 or 2013; still others will have different values in 2010 and "2013" due to changing boundaries.

    Years Available: 2010, 2013

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    General Notes: *Median value gives the value for the "average" metro area for this metric, the 50th percentile of all metro areas in existence at that time. **Total land area for 2013 metro area definitions was calculated by SAGE by summing land and water area. For information on confidentiality protection, nonsampling error, definitions, and count corrections see the Summary File in Technical Documentation


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