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Love Your Data week is one of our favorite times of the year. We have put together some interesting tips and datasets below – take a look and let us know what you think on Twitter with #SAGEdatawiz.


Geographic boundary definitions for metropolitan areas change every 10 years, so document the specific year of definition you are using. Click here for more info.

Working with unwieldy raw data files? Save multiple versions of your clean-up work at different stages to make sure you don’t lose precious work.

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Love County data:

According to the 2010 U.S. Decennial Census, the median age in Love County, OK is 39. View the full dataseries here.

53-53.3% of women and men in Love County's most populous ZIP code (73448) are married. To view the stats for your zip code, follow the links below:

Love lists:

Top 4 metro areas with households headed by married couples:

Top 5 ZCTA areas (population 25,000+) with single men/women:

Single Men

78705 (Austin, TX) (267) 91.5%
43201 (Columbus, OH) (309) 86.3%
94704 (Berkeley, CA) (321) 85.0%
32304 (Tallahassee, FL) (324) 84.5%
15213 (Pittsburgh, PA) (328) 84.1%

Single Women

78705 (Austin, TX) (267) 90.9%
94704 (Berkeley, CA) (265) 85.0%
32304 (Tallahassee, FL) (277) 82.4%
15213 (Pittsburgh, PA) (285) 80.5%
43201 (Columbus, OH) (286) 80.4%

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