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Sage Data also offers 8 premium database add-ons to support detailed business, consumer, and industry research. Each database is licensed from authoritative commercial providers.

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China Data Institute

China Data Institute

National, provincial, city, and county statistics on China for social and economic research.

China Yearly Statistics (National & Subnational) details annual historical indicators on social and economic characteristics at the national, provincial, city, and county level. The subject range of this database supports multi- and interdisciplinary research:

  • Banking
  • Domestic and Foreign Trade
  • Education
  • Government Finance
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Population
  • And more



Sage Data offers two premiums from Claritas, the leading provider of intelligent marketing information and target marketing.

Consumer Profiles
Three U.S. consumer segmentation databases for identifying the ideal customer target.

Three geo-demographic segmentation databases to help business and marketing users understand market segments based on lifestyle, shopping behaviors, demographic characteristics, and more.

Financial & Insurance CLOUT
Two U.S. consumer segmentation databases to assess demand for financial and insurance products and services.

Two databases offer geo-based estimates down to the ZIP Code level on demand and usage of financial and insurance products and services. Current and five-year projections are available.

Data Axle

Data Axle Reference Solutions

Data Axle is a big data, analytics, and marketing services provider that provides both digital and traditional marketing channel expertise drawing on proprietary data collected on millions of businesses. Sage Data offers three Data Axle databases:

Historical Canadian Business
Canadian business-level statistics across provinces and FSAs for industry and market research.
Gain a detailed view of Canadian business data including revenue and company and employee count.

Historical U.S. Business
U.S. business-level statistics across states, counties, and ZIP Codes for industry and market research.
Gain a detailed view of U.S. business data including revenue and company and employee count.

Historical U.S. Residential
U.S. household statistics across states, counties, census tracts, and ZIP Codes for business and policy research.
Gain more insight into the socioeconomic standing of a locale.

EASI Analytic Software

EASI Analytic Software

Consumer demographics, spending, and behavior data for U.S. states, counties, census tracts, and ZIP Codes.

Comprising 14 large datasets, EASI Market Planner offers model-based indicators of the demographic characteristics, consumer spending, and behavior patterns for U.S. states, counties, census tracts, and block groups.

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Expenditures
  • Consumer Spending Analytics
  • Demographic Profiles from EASI
  • And more

Woods & Poole Economics, Inc.

Woods & Poole Economics, Inc.

Historical and projected U.S. state, metro area, and county estimates for economic and demographic research.

Woods & Poole’s Complete U.S. Database provides historical and projected economic and demographic estimates through 2060 by Region, Combined Statistical Area (CSA), Metropolitan Division (MDIV), state, and county. Subject coverage includes 1,600+ variables across seven datasets:

  • Earnings
  • Employment
  • Households by Income Bracket
  • Income and Wealth Metrics
  • Population by Age Group
  • Population by Single Year of Age (e.g., Asian Female aged 50)
  • Retail Trade and Food Services Sales