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Percent Change in Per Pupil Public Elementary and Secondary School Current Expenditures (Nine Year Range): (State)

Source: Annual Survey of School System Finances, U.S. Census Bureau (Department of Commerce)
Topic: EducationSubtopic: ExpendituresCategory: Total Expenditures
Product: State StatsDate Updated: July 2020Update Tips
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    Years Available: 1992-2001, 1993-2002, 1994-2003, 1995-2004, 1996-2005, 1997-2006, 1998-2007, 2000-2009, 2001-2010, 2002-2011, 2003-2012, 2004-2013, 2005-2014, 2006-2015, 2007-2016, 2008-2017, 2009-2018

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