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Imperial County, CA

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Imperial County, CA
  • Location TypeCounty
  • County SeatEl Centro, CA
  • Population174,528
  • Land Area (Square Miles) 4176.6000
  • Population Density (Per Square Mile) 41.7999

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Median Age

% Population African American

% Population Hispanic

% Population White

Population Density
(Persons per Square Mile)

Rural-Urban Continuum


Suggested Data Series

TitleLatest YearLatest ValueLatest Rank
Decennial Census Population (County)2010174,528355 of 3170
Decennial Census Population Per Square Mile (County)201041.801663 of 3170
Percent of African American Population (County)20183.4%1400 of 3131
Percent of Hispanic Population (County)201884.6%14 of 3139
Persistent Poverty Counties (County)201300 of 0 - 1
Rural-Urban Continuum for Counties (County)201333 of 1 - 9
Unemployment Rate (County)201918.3%1 of 3140
Death Rate (Per 100,000) (County)2016619.702959 of 3105
Percent of Adults Physically Inactive (County)201631.4%714 of 3141
Age-Adjusted Rate of Diabetes per 1,000 Persons (County)20168.201845 of 3141
Medicare Part D Prescription Enrollment Rate (County)201856.1%934 of 3137
Farmers' Markets (County)20162855 of 2249
Percent of Children Without a Market Within One Mile (County)20159.0%2695 of 3004
Percent of School-age Children in Poverty (County)201831.0%356 of 3140
Total Public School Expenditures (County)2017$608,522,000.00226 of 3123
Number of Public Libraries (County)20175409 of 1287
Average Daily Maximum Heat Index (County)201195.15816 of 3103
Percentage of Days with a Good Air Quality Index (County)201954.9%972 of 1006
Second Highest 1-hour Carbon Monoxide Measurement (County)20194.308 of 165
Greenhouse Gas Direct Emitting Facilities (County)20187162 of 1227
Average Fine Particulate Matter (County)20119.432811 of 3108
FEMA Public Assistance Grant Dollars Obligated for Disasters (County)2010$28,627,757.392 of 907
Total Deposits in Banks (County)2016-2017$1,769,664,000.00565 of 3108
Property Taxes as Percent of Income: Five-Year Estimates (County)2006-20102.4%1046 of 2773
Percent of Firms Which are Women Owned (County)201242.5%179 of 3093
Manufacturing Establishments with 5 to 9 Employees (County)20188988 of 1961
Immigrant Households Entering County According to Tax Returns (County)2015-201621444 of 484
Estimated Veteran Population Under 45 Years Old (County)20102,964374 of 3143
Total Planted Acres (County)2019307,837.41682 of 3034
Online, Mail Order, and Television Retail Sales in 2009 Dollars (County)2050$91,000,000.00709 of 2709
Total Retail and Food Service Sales in 2009 Dollars (County)2050$3,881,000,000.00384 of 3108
Earnings in Management of Companies and Enterprises Occupations in 2009 Dollars (County)2050$18,000,000.00986 of 2178
Population (County)2050325,000293 of 3076
Per Capita Total Personal Income (County)2050$149,566.002707 of 3112
Total Employees (County)2050160,000352 of 3065
Population 18 to 24 Years Old (County)205027,000309 of 2216
African American Male Population 25 Years Old (County)2050123478 of 2780
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