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York County, VA (including Poquoson City, VA)

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York County, VA (including Poquoson City, VA)
  • Location TypeCounty
  • Population77,614
  • Land Area (Square Miles) 120.0999
  • Population Density (Per Square Mile) 1418.0998

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Median Age

% Population African American

% Population Hispanic

% Population White

Population Density
(Persons per Square Mile)

Rural-Urban Continuum


Suggested Data Series

TitleLatest YearLatest ValueLatest Rank
Decennial Census Population (County)201077,614713 of 3170
Decennial Census Population Per Square Mile (County)20101,418.10114 of 3170
Farmers' Markets (County)201301943 of 1943
Online, Mail Order, and Television Retail Sales in 2009 Dollars (County)2050$187,000,000.00467 of 2709
Total Retail and Food Service Sales in 2009 Dollars (County)2050$1,948,000,000.00613 of 3108
Earnings in Management of Companies and Enterprises Occupations in 2009 Dollars (County)2050$7,000,000.001412 of 2178
Population (County)2050129,000587 of 3076
Per Capita Total Personal Income (County)2050$223,585.00703 of 3112
Total Employees (County)205055,000733 of 3065
Population 18 to 24 Years Old (County)20507,000741 of 2216
African American Male Population 25 Years Old (County)2050125474 of 2780
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